Durven is the owner, founder, and original Superhero at Laughing Gravy Entertainment and Production.

This means he really knows what he is doing, can save any event, and can change his clothes really quickly. Durven has instilled his passion and playful enthusiasm into his multifaceted approach to entertainment.


His DJ journey started in 1983, bringing music and laughter to some of the most successful nightclubs in Salt Lake City.  Durven’s local success led him to more exotic locations such as Honolulu, Hawaii and Queensland, Australia where he was recruited to entertain and teach others his groovifunkalicious style of interactive entertainment.

Upon returning to the homeland, he was bestowed the honor of “Best Dance Club DJ in Utah” in the “Salt Lake City Weekly’s Best of Utah” reader write-in poll. 

The public has spoken!

Music is his life.  He has devoted himself to all facets of it. He now passes his extensive knowledge and experience on to the next generation of Superheros at Laughing Gravy.  LET’S MAKE THIS WORLD FUN!!

His zany personality and sense of humor has also allowed him the opportunity to host and emcee extensive shows, weddings, parties, contests, fundraisers, and pageants.  Of all these, weddings are his favorite, due to his hopeless romantic nature.  He states: “There are very few things that rival had began the feeling of contentment you get when a bride hugs you and thanks you for making her day ‘perfect’.  I love my job because I get to experience that regularly.”

Durven’s goals in work and life are simple: find beauty and entertainment in everything, be the best father humanly possible, and experience the high adventure that life freely offers.