Have you ever been to a wedding or party where everyone keeps checking their watch to see when they can gracefully leave? MALCOLM HASN’T!

Because the moment things start to slow down, Malcolm is right there bringing the tempo back up.

Malcolm is our “Gentle Giant.”

He is very tall and every inch of him is dedicated to making life fun for everyone around him.  With a huge repertoire of jokes, funny facts, and impeccable timing, he can keep any crowd entertained for hours without breaking a sweat.

Having trained at Broadcaster School with his own radio show, Malcolm is no stranger to the microphone.  We are honored that he has brought his talent and years of experience to Laughing Gravy to make your event the best it can possibly be. We found him, cooped up in a room and talking to himself, a broadcaster that needed to be freed. So we brought him to Laughing Gravy and he found his love of crowds!

Malcolm is definitely a Laughing Gravy superhero. With years of DJ and emcee experience, he is sure to keep things under control, unless you want them out of control, which he’s up for, too!