“Hello, my name is Masen…and I like to party.”

Every good party has that one person who’s the instigator…always dancing and getting everyone involved.  Ever since he was old enough to shake his booty, Masen has been that guy.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s dances, parties, weddings, elevators, that car thumping at a stop light, background music played on the phone, or those little speakers in the ceiling at the mall. If there is music…Masen is dancing… and his energy is contagious.

Don’t let his youthful good looks fool you, having recently graduated with an Honors Physics Degree from the U, he is another of the braniacs here at Laughing Gravy who can apply their GREAT BIG CEREBELLUMS to making your event successful. Music is Masen’s passion; he has played the piano since he stopped eating strained peas and has become a truly exceptional pianist.  He has the innate ability to play any song he hears by ear.

Masen has been surrounded by the entertainment industry his entire life and has DJ/emceed for events of all different types.  In the office, he is affectionately known as “the Lawyer” because he can be very businesslike, analytical, and methodical in consults and over the phone. This thoroughness and attention to detail ensures that any event he does will be nothing short of perfect. Whether it’s weddings, parties, corporate events or dance parties, Masen has the professionalism and expertise to make it a success. On the day of the event, relax and enjoy, because you have the true party machine and entertainer that is Masen!


“When I began looking for a DJ, my first stop was to and I didn’t look at a single DJ after that. I was so wow’d by their website, I HAD to reach out. Once I did, I knew I would do whatever it took, pay whatever the price (which was incredibly reasonable, by the way), to have a Laughing Gravy DJ. Every step of the way, DJ Masen was confident, open/flexible, understanding, and supportive. Even with a small wedding (60 people), Masen made sure there was never a shortage of people on the dance floor. We had so many compliments on the music, and he made sure to play the songs that were important to us as a couple. Masen was always prepared with questions and a note pad to make sure everyone was on the same page and nothing was missed. Of all the stress involved with planning a wedding, our DJ was always the easiest part. Masen clearly has loads of experience, is very professional, and is such a kind, fun man. We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Masen and Laughing Gravy.”

“From the initial touchpoint with Masen to the actual wedding day, Laughing Gravy delivered and exceeded expectations at every turn. Masen found a way to make the wedding ultra-personal, by personally reaching out to discuss hosting our event as he speaks Russian, like my wife’s family. That small gesture and excitement it generated kick-started a great partnership, including the ability to discuss challenging past-experiences Laughing Gravy had with our venue. Even at that moment, Masen and the team were open, honest, took steps to rectify any confusion, and delivered an amazing wedding day for my wife and I. What’s more, during every phase of the consultation and planning process, Masen raised questions and focused on details that would have otherwise been missed on our end. I could not be happier with our decision and would recommend Laughing Gravy in a heartbeat!”

“Masen was fantastic! He picked up on the audience and played the best music, was so flexible and easy to work with, and even made sure we had something to eat if we needed it. I’d recommend them to everyone if I could. Our wedding and reception went so smoothly with his announcements & he added some wonderful sentiments when it came to the cake, special dances, and even the send off. This company is top notch!”

“Masen played the music for my daughter’s wedding. HE DID AMAZING!!! He helped with the party in that he kept it going and also on time; none of those horrible dead spots where no one is dancing. He also was very important in announcing “Bride and Groom will cut the cake” or “Bride and Groom are leaving, please line up….” Worth every penny and he is easy to work with!!! This was my 3rd Wedding with Laughing Gravy and believe me, a good DJ will make or break your evening. Thanks again Masen!”

“We have used Laughing Gravy for all four weddings in my family! I was the last, and Masen was our DJ. He was amazing! It was so nice to tell him what I wanted, then sit back and let him take care of the flow of the whole reception. He did every single thing we asked for! He really makes everyone feel engaged and our dance party is still talked about. If was the perfect day and he helped with that. I cannot recommend them enough!!”