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 Let Us Entertain You – Ideas for a Memorable Reception

Published Saturday, January 1, 2005

by Jennifer Millett, photo by Kent Miles

The wedding reception is the bride and groom’s chance to let their hair down and celebrate the big day with family and friends. And like fireworks, it can go off with either a bang or be a big dud. Here are some entertaining ideas for igniting the spark at your reception.

Professional Help

Involving your guests in the reception is the first ingredient in the for a fun day. Hiring a dance instructor is an excellent way to pry guests out of their chairs and burn off those wedding cake calories. Margene Anderson of Dance Scene in Salt Lake City will come to receptions and teach wedding parties the basic steps of styles such as swing, salsa, Latin, polka, and ballroom dancing. Call Dance Scene at (801) 298-8047 for more information and dance the night away.
If you’d rather leave the entertaining to professionals, hire a troupe of entertainers. You can liven up a sedate cocktail hour with a roaming a cappella group or steel drum band. Hire a group of dancers who perform during dinner courses, such as belly dancers or salsa dancers. Not only will guests be entertained, they just might pick up a move or two.

They’re Playing Our Song

The type of music you choose sets the mood for your reception and provides a theme for the festivities. Are you the kick-up-your-heels and boogie type or a subdued classical music lover? The music you choose and the way in which it is delivered—by a deejay or live band—will affect the ambience and the cost.
Live bands can often be more expensive than a deejay but offer a level of sophistication that’s hard to match. A good band will get your guests excited and can nicely complement the theme of the reception. It is important to choose a band that can play your favorite songs, interacts with the crowd, and is experienced at playing for wedding receptions. A group with a broad repertoire including Latin, swing, country, R&B, contemporary, and the classics ensures there will be something for everyone from your niece to your great uncle. The variety of styles and tempos also offer the perfect opportunity for father-daughter and mother-son dances. To hire a live band, dance troupe or any other professional entertainer, call Artistic Entertainers at (801) 957-9406.
Forget what you remember about deejays from your high school dances; today’s deejays are highly skilled artists. Not only are they generally less costly than bands, a deejay with a good personality can be the life of a dying party. There are also other benefits to consider. A deejay’s musical library is much greater than a band’s, they require less space than, say, a string quartet, and a personable deejay will spearhead sing-alongs and group dances. For more information, call Laughing Gravy Entertainment at (801) 566-5614.

No matter which musical route you choose, it is crucial to make sure that you have explained your likes and dislikes. Give the entertainer your own song list complete with songs you absolutely must hear and the songs that you could happily live the rest of your life never hearing again.

Caught on Film

Photographers can’t capture every memorable moment, so why not set up a photo booth at the reception so that your guests can capture their day on film. Whether they choose to be posed and proper or pull faces, the results are priceless shots of people you love having a great time in your honor. When the photos are developed, make multiple copies. One set can be organized into a visual wedding day guest book and another can be sent along with thank you cards as a one of a kind reminder of the day. For rental information, call Howells One-Hour Photo at (801) 359-4592.