Playing Music is only one of our responsibilities.

Music is only one key ingredient to a successful event, and we can provide much, much more. Equally important is a master of ceremonies… the person on the microphone…the emcee.  As an emcee, we can make all of your announcements on the day of your wedding. This includes everything prior to your ceremony, all the way through to your exquisite grand send-off.

We coordinate with everyone involved to help decrease your stress and orchestrate that perfect and magical evening. Our DJs and Emcees have all been selected because of their dependability, professional appearance, fun and interactive personality and technical expertise.






As DJs we are fully trained with the skills developed over 20 years of innovative DJ experience. We can be as high profile or low profile as you would like us to be.
If given the choice we can use every trick, secret and tool of the trade as a DJ AND AS AN EMCEE to maximize participation and the involvement of your guests.








Whether it’s raising a glass, applauding, or shaking their groovethings, WE WANT PEOPLE INVOLVED!


Participation is the measure of a fun & successful event.


We utilize the power of the microphone and proper protocol to make the evening beautiful and elegant, yet fun and entertaining, while keeping your guests informed and involved in what’s going on.